Horse Race Betting FAQs

What is a Race Card?

A race card is an information display that shows all the horses running in a particular race. It features the info you need to make a decision when betting on horse racing. The Unibet race card features extensive stats such as horse name, number, silks, jockey, trainer, form, weight, age and sex. The best race cards will also reveal the Official Rating of a horse, any additional equipment – such as hoods or blinkers – that the horse is wearing, and a detailed overview of the race course.

All punters – whether they are experienced bettors or new to the sport – will pour over the race cards trying to work out what selections to make. Some bettors like to focus on form and the going, while others delve deep into the history of the jockey. Some will simply pick a horse based on the colour of the silks or its number!

Whatever your tactics, the best thing about the Unibet race card is that it’s accessible to everyone, regardless of your experience level. Newcomers to racing can find plenty of tips and tricks while looking at a race card, especially when it comes to backing a horse with good form.


How to Bet on Horse Races Online

If you’re new to online horse racing betting then don’t worry, Unibet is here to take you through all the stages of placing your first bet! Betting on horse racing may seem daunting at first but in fact it’s very easy. Remember, your task is to accurately predict which horses will win or earn a place in a race. You can wager as much as you like and, depending on the odds, you could earn a huge payout.

There are some very specific horse racing bets but the most popular by far is the ‘winner’ market. Here, you simply place a bet on which horse you think will win the race. So, if you bet £10 on a horse to win at 5/1, you would win £50 + your £10 stake. Likewise, bet £20 Each Way on a horse at 5/1 and if it finishes second, you’ll earn £6.67 + your £20 stake.

To bet on horse racing first you’ll need to sign up to a Unibet account and then head over to the racing sportsbook. Here, browse the list of upcoming races and find a horse you want to back. Check out the race card before clicking on their odds and entering your stake in the bet slip. Then it’s time to check your odds, risk and potential winnings, before clicking ‘Place Bet’.


What is a Multi?

A Multi in horse racing stands for a multiple bet. Multiples are one of the most popular avenues bettors take to generating big odds on horse racing. It works by combining a number of single bets into one mega wager – and thus increasing your odds. Of course, with heightened odds comes greater risk, but the potential payout is also much bigger.

When placing a multi bet, all you have to do is click on the odds of each horse you think will win (or, if you think they will place, choose the Each Way option). Every time you click on a new horse the selection will be added to your bet slip and the odds will increase. Once you’re happy with your multi, enter your stake and click ‘Place Bet’ to confirm it.

Then it’s time to sit back and enjoy the race or races. Remember, you can live stream horse racing at Uninet and watch any race you’ve bet on online. This is the perfect way to enjoy the sport, learn even more about horse racing and potentially win a big payout!


What is an Ante Post?

Horse racing experts love to talk about the Ante Post markets, but what are they? Well, Ante Post is a term used to describe the betting markets available before the racecourse actually opens their own market. On race day a racecourse will launch their markets at around 8am, with a detailed breakdown of all the runners and riders.

However, if you want to bet before the day, you can browse the Unibet Ante Post betting odds and pick an early horse. Of course, Ante Post markets haven’t got the confirmed list of horses competing, so you might end up betting on a horse at good odds, only to see three more horses added to the list on race day!

Ante Post betting is generally popular for big races such as the Cheltenham Gold Cup and the Grand National, where punters make predictions sometimes months in advance after gaining an understanding of how the top horses are faring during the winter months. Many top Cheltenham bets, for example, are placed just after Boxing Day when the winners of the big races over the Christmas period and lined up to challenge for the Gold Cup and other big races during the Cheltenham Festival.

So make sure to keep an eye out for the Ante Post markets on races such as the Gold Cup, Epsom Derby, The Oaks and the Grand National, and get your bets in early!


Types of Betting on Horse Racing

There are a number of options for betting on horse racing aside from the straight win. Obviously this is the most common bet and it remains the most popular due to its simplicity. The task here is very straightforward: Look through all of the runners and riders for the horse race in question and then make your selection.
Of course, it isn’t always easy to identify the winner but Unibet offer some help here with a useful form guide to help you decide. And, if you want to look elsewhere, other than in the outright win markets, there are plenty of other choices.


What is an Each Way bet?

An each way bet is also one of the most common types of bets on horse racing and this one comes in two parts. When you make an each way bet, you are staking on the win but you are also betting on a place so, if the horse fails to win but comes in second or third, you can still claim a return on your outlay.
Your stake is doubled too so, let’s say you want to bet a maximum of £20.00 on a horse. With an each way bet, your stake is divided into two parts so there is £10.00 on the win and £10.00 on the place bringing you up to your £20.00 betting limit.
If your selection wins then you collect two returns, both the win and the place but if it comes in second or third, the place bet is the only portion to return a profit. In some of the bigger races, those places can extend further down the field so look out for any offers and promotions.
Now you know what an Each Way bet is, we can move on to more complicated options.


What is a Yankee Bet?

A Yankee Bet is a formula that takes four selections so, let’s say you pick four horses to win from the Unibet horse racing markets. With a Yankee, there are 11 bets so your stake, let’s say it’s £1.00, is multiplied by 11 making £11.00 in total.
The 11 bets are: 6 Doubles, 4 Trebles and One Four Fold so, you will need at least one double to collect a return and, if all four horses win, you collect a profit on all 11 bets.


What is a Trixie Bet?

A Trixie bet, as you may have guessed from the name, needs three picks so, you should first make three selections from the Unibet horse race betting markets. Make that choice and here’s how the bet works.
With a Trixie, there are 4 bets – three doubles and one treble and if all three horses win their races, you will scoop all four bets. If two horses win then one of the doubles lands. Once again, your stake is multiplied by the number of bets so £1.00 on each outcome, x6 = £6.00.
A Trixie is a very basic formula so, if you want to get into formula betting, this is a good way to get started.

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